My name is Michael John Gerard Shatravka, fluent Russian speaker, born & raised in NYC, now based out of Bayonne, NJ. I am a full stack guerilla style media producer. What that means is, I am your one point of contact, that will get the entire job done, no middle man BS. I don’t fuss over paperwork and storyboards. I show up and create fire with whatever I got. Firm believer in fix it in post. At this point, I have worked on over 750+ projects, across multiple industries with well over a thousand people.  I am so confident in what I do, I can back every project with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, you will not be disappointed!

“The Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop” – Favorite Quote.

My mom got me into web design and making videos as kid. Took many years hobbying around, but in 2013 after a traumatic motorcycle accident, that’s when I realized life was too short. I got involved in the film/acting world for a few years, had some roles playing Russian mobsters, eventually in 2016 I met the love of my life, Mamacita, and got married.

I realized quick acting wasn’t gonna support a family, that when I switched to the other side of the camera, figuring sh*t out fast, and working on every job I could get. Some call me a jack of all trades, at the end of the day I’m just really f*cking good at what I do.

For fun I like going on extreme adventure with my mamacita. Long hikes, rollerblading, 50mi bike rides, I may have gotten fat but I still got it in me. If I’m not working on any paid stuff, I like doing gritty mini documentaries and getting my hands dirty.

Some ending words, feels like I been around for a while but I am still young. Very grateful for finding my career early in life and HIGHLY appreciate all the people that helped me get to where I am today, especially the haters, love you guys, you helped fuel the fire!

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