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The best investment of my life was purchasing all the production equipment linked below. This is the SAME camera equipment that I have used on over 600 commercial projects and will continue using to this day! All the equipment linked below are great for starters and even seasoned professionals looking to maximize their production value, and have my highest recommendation! This $4000 investment has already generated me over $250,000 in production revenue over the last few years! You don’t need fancy equipment & expensive gear to make good content, don’t let people discourage you because I am living proof it is possible!

Also EVERYTHING on this website was produced using the equipment linked below, enjoy!

Disclaimer: these are amazon affiliate links and we will receive a small commission for each purchase, it won’t cost you anything extra! If you enjoy our content and want to give back, buying through these links is a tremendous help for showing us your appreciation, and gives us the opportunity to keep on providing value, thank you!

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